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SEG offers advanced OOA experience with the capabilities to cater to both recreational and commercial aerospace industries.

To further support the use of OOA prepreg manufacturing, the U.S. Air Force has identified OOA prepregs as vital to achieving the fast and affordable manufacturing that the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) will require for future military platforms, and the Air Force sees additional cost savings when one OOA prepreg system can be used for prototyping, production and spares. Suppliers to commercial aircraft OEMs see OOA materials as a way to achieve manufacturing flexibility, freeing them from size constraints and enabling modular/cellular workflows.

A proprietary composite technologies developer and supplier recently announced it will supply carbon fiber composite materials for both primary and secondary structures on Bombardier’s (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) Learjet 85, and Bombardier reported that the pressurized fuselage will feature “a low-pressure, oven-cured, out-of-autoclave carbon fiber”.

Airbus has also announced that OOA materials are also in qualification at Airbus .

SEG company has ongoing trade relations with Toray, the world leader in the field of advanced composite materials, and uses TORAYCA* prepreg for a large portion of their OOA manufacturing. Torcaya has general industrial uses including the aerospace field, thanks to its excellent and world renowned characteristics in weight, strength and stiffness. In the aviation sector, TORAYCA* is used in the tail of the Boeing 777 and the fuselage of the Boeing 787.

Sino Eagle Groups experience and new manufacturing facilities makes the company an ideal partner for private (sailplanes; gliders; light aircraft) and commercial aerospace companies looking for quality parts production at very competitive rates.