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Rowing Shells


WinTech Rowing Visit: www.WintechRacing.com.cn

The first subsidiary of our group was Flying Eagle Boat Building company, founded by John Xiong in 1985 with a clear vision and passion to build the best performing rowing shells, and, to make the sport available to more. Less than one year later in 1986, one the companies’ first 2-man models won an international gold whilst competing against 5 of the worlds most known and acclaimed builders.

Today, the company supplies a large portion of the worlds highest performing carbon shells, along with a range of recreational models. We manufacture a large range of models marketed under a number of brands. The company also manufactures the entire range of single, 2-man, 4-man, 6-man, 8-man Wintech brand rowing shells, and enjoys great friendships and key partnerships with leaders of the recreational and professional sport of rowing - it is an industry we lead in, and stay actively involved in.


Sino Eagle Group specializes in a range of advanced composite manufacturing techniques and conventional quality lamination. To maintain the highest quality finished products with cost control, our specialized subsidiary divisions are geared to manufacture all of our small parts needs in-house, from anodized alloy manufacturing and composite gear construction, to carbon paddle blades, shafts, and more.