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Wind Power Manufacturing Capabilities


Wind power is currently being attracted widely as a clean and an environmentally-friendly source of energy, and a growing energy source in the United States of America, China and Europe. It is one of the strategic areas of focus within Sino Eagle Groups composite divisions to cater to the renewable energy business field by manufacturing high performance composites parts such as blades.

The latest wind turbines are approximately 60 to 100 meters tall, with blades reaching 40 to 50 meters, with their tips reaching sustained speeds of 200MPH. Moderate wind with a prevailing direction are considered to be the ideal wind condition for wind power.

In terms of cumulative installed wind power capacity of each country, as of the end of 2009, the U.S. led the wind power industry, closely followed by China. However, since this time, China has become the world’s largest wind power generating country in terms of both new and cumulative installed capacity. Interestingly, historians estimate that the Chinese built the first wind turbines in 200 B.C. to pump water and grind grain.

SEG offers the technical experience and ability to build some finest RTM; VARTM; and OOA fiberglass and carbon composite blades to the highest available standards.



Sino Eagle Group specializes in a range of advanced composite manufacturing techniques and conventional quality lamination. To maintain the highest quality finished products with cost control, our specialized subsidiary divisions are geared to manufacture all of our small parts needs in-house, from anodized alloy manufacturing and composite gear construction, to carbon paddle blades, shafts, and more.